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Ezekiel 35

Titles for Pericopes/Passages in Ezekiel:

A Vision of God's Glory
Ezekiel's Commission
Ezekiel Before the Exiles
Isolated and Silenced
Ominous Object Lessons
Judgment on the Mountains of Israel
The End Arrives
A Desecrated Temple
The Execution of Idolaters
God's Glory Leaves the Temple
The Fall of Jerusalem
Previewing the Exile
False Prophets Denounced
Well-Deserved Judgment
Burning a Useless Vine
God's Unfaithful Bride
A Parable of Two Eagles and a Vine
Individual Retribution
Lament for the Princes of Israel
Israel's Rebellion
Prophecy Against the South
The Sword of Judgment
The Sins of Jerusalem
Two Sisters
The Boiling Pot
Ezekiel's Wife Dies
A Prophecy Against Ammon
A Prophecy Against Moab
A Prophecy Against Edom
A Prophecy Against Philistia
A Prophecy Against Tyre
A Lament for Tyre
A Prophecy Against the King of Tyre
A Prophecy Against Sidon
A Prophecy Against Egypt
A Lament Over Egypt
A Cedar in Lebanon
Lamentation over Pharaoh and Egypt
Ezekiel Israel's Watchman
The Fall of Jerusalem
A Prophecy Against False Shepherds
Prophecy Against Mount Seir
Blessings on the Mountains of Israel
The Valley of Dry Bones
A Prophecy Against Gog
Vision of the New Temple
The Inner Temple
Chambers for the Temple
The Glory Returns to the Temple
The Closed Gate
The Levitical Priests
The Lord's Portion of the Land
The Prince's Offerings
Water from the Temple
Boundaries for the Land
The Tribal Portions

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