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1 Chronicles 10

Titles for Pericopes/Passages in 1 Chronicles:

Adam's Descendants
Japheth's Descendants
Ham's Descendants
Shem's Descendants
Ishmael's Descendants
Keturah's Descendants
Isaac's Descendants
Esau's Descendants
The Descendants of Seir
Kings of Edom
Tribal Chiefs of Edom
Israel's Descendants
Judah's Descendants
Ram's Descendants
Caleb's Descendants
Jerahmeel's Descendants
More of Caleb's Descendants
David's Descendants
Solomon's Descendants
Judah's Descendants
Simeon's Descendants
Reuben's Descendants
Gad's Descendants
The Half-Tribe of Manasseh
Levi's Descendants
Professional Musicians
Issachar's Descendants
Benjamin's Descendants
Naphtali's Descendants
Manasseh's Descendants
Ephraim's Descendants
Asher's Descendants
Benjamin's Descendants (Continued)
Exiles Who Resettled in Jerusalem
Jeiel's Descendants
Saul's Death
David Becomes King
David Conquers Jerusalem
David's Warriors
Warriors Who Joined David at Ziklag
Support for David in Hebron
Uzzah Meets Disaster
David's Prestige Grows
David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem
David Leads in Worship
David Thanks God
David Appoints Worship Leaders
God Makes a Promise to David
David Praises God
David Conquers the Neighboring Nations
David's Officials
David's Campaign against the Ammonites
Battles with the Philistines
The Lord Sends a Plague against Israel
David Orders a Temple to Be Built
David Organizes the Levites
David Organizes the Priests
Remaining Levites
David Organizes the Musicians
Divisions of Gatekeepers
Supervisors of the Storehouses
Leaders of the Army
Royal Officials
David Commissions Solomon to Build the Temple
The People Contribute to the Project
David Praises the Lord
David Designates Solomon King
David's Reign Comes to an End

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