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Zephaniah 3:10


From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, 1  those who pray to me 2  will bring me tribute.


Ps 68:31; Ps 72:8-11; Isa 11:11; Isa 18:1,7-19:15; Isa 27:12,13; Isa 49:20-23; Isa 60:4-12; Isa 66:18-21; Mal 1:11; Ac 8:27; Ac 24:17; Ro 11:11,12; Ro 15:16; 1Pe 1:1

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tn Or “Nubia”; Heb “Cush.” “Cush” is traditionally assumed to refer to the region south of Egypt, i.e. Nubia or northern Sudan, referred to as “Ethiopia” by classical authors (not the more recent Abyssinia).

tn Heb “those who pray to me, the daughter of my dispersed ones.” The meaning of the phrase is unclear. Perhaps the text is corrupt at this point or a proper name should be understood. For a discussion of various options see Adele Berlin, Zephaniah (AB 25A), 134-35.

sn It is not certain if those who pray to me refers to the converted nations or to God’s exiled covenant people.

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