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The Song of Songs 6:11


The Lover to His Beloved: 1  I went down to the orchard of walnut trees, 2  to look for the blossoms of the valley, 3  to see if the vines had budded or if the pomegranates were in bloom.


Ge 2:9; Ps 92:12-15; So 4:12-15; So 5:1; So 6:2; So 7:12; Isa 5:2-4; Mr 11:13; Lu 13:7; Joh 15:16; Ac 15:36

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sn It is difficult to determine whether the speaker in 6:11-12 is Solomon or the Beloved.

tn The term אֱגוֹז (’egoz, “nut”) probably refers to the “walnut” or “walnut tree” (juglans regia) (DCH 1:116 s.v. אֱגוֹז). The singular form is used collectively here to refer to a grove of walnut trees.

sn It is not clear whether the “valley” in 6:12 is a physical valley (Jezreel Valley?), a figurative description of their love relationship, or a double entendre.

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