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The Song of Songs 4:13


Your shoots are a royal garden 1  full of pomegranates with choice fruits: henna with nard,


Ps 92:14; Ec 2:5; So 1:12; So 1:14; So 4:14; So 6:2; So 6:11; So 7:12; So 8:2; Isa 60:21; Isa 61:11; Mr 14:3; Joh 12:3; Joh 15:1-3; Php 1:11

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sn The noun פַּרְדֵּס (pardes, “garden, parkland, forest”) is a foreign loanword that occurs only 3 times in the Hebrew Bible (Song 4:13; Eccl 2:5; Neh 2:8). The original Old Persian (Avestan) term pairidaeza designated the enclosed parks and pleasure-grounds which were the exclusive domain of the Persian kings and nobility in the Achaemenid period (HALOT 963 s.v. פַּרְדֵּס; LSJ 1308). The Babylonian term pardesu means “marvelous garden,” in reference to the enclosed parks of the kings (AHw 2:833.a and 3:1582.a). The term passed into Greek as παραδείσος (paradeisos, “enclosed park, pleasure-ground”), referring to the enclosed parks and gardens of the Persian kings (LSJ 1308). The Greek term was transliterated into English as “paradise.”

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