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Romans 11:16


If the first portion 1  of the dough offered is holy, then the whole batch is holy, and if the root is holy, so too are the branches. 2 


Ge 17:7; Ex 22:29; Ex 23:16,19; Le 23:10; Nu 15:17-21; De 18:4; De 26:10; Ne 10:35-37; Pr 3:9; Jer 2:21; Eze 44:30; Ro 11:17; 1Co 7:14; Jas 1:18; Re 14:4

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tn Grk “firstfruits,” a term for the first part of something that has been set aside and offered to God before the remainder can be used.

sn Most interpreters see Paul as making use of a long-standing metaphor of the olive tree (the root…the branches) as a symbol for Israel. See, in this regard, Jer 11:16, 19. A. T. Hanson, Studies in Paul’s Technique and Theology, 121-24, cites rabbinic use of the figure of the olive tree, and goes so far as to argue that Rom 11:17-24 is a midrash on Jer 11:16-19.

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