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Revelation 5:10


You have appointed 1  them 2  as a kingdom and priests 3  to serve 4  our God, and they will reign 5  on the earth.”


Ex 19:6; Da 7:18,27; 1Pe 2:5-9; Re 1:6; Re 20:6; Re 22:5

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tn The verb ἐποίησας (epoihsas) is understood to mean “appointed” here. For an example of this use, see Mark 3:14.

tc The vast majority of witnesses have αὐτούς (autous, “them”) here, while the Textus Receptus reads ἡμᾶς (Jhmas, “us”) with insignificant support (pc gig vgcl sa Prim Bea). There is no question that the original text read αὐτούς here.

tn The reference to “kingdom and priests” may be a hendiadys: “priestly kingdom.”

tn The words “to serve” are not in the Greek text, but are implied by the word “priests.”

tc The textual problem here between the present tense βασιλεύουσιν (basileuousin, “they are reigning”; so A 1006 1611 ÏK pc) and the future βασιλεύσουσιν (basileusousin, “they will reign”; so א 1854 2053 ÏA pc lat co) is a difficult one. Both readings have excellent support. On the one hand, the present tense seems to be the harder reading in this context. On the other hand, codex A elsewhere mistakes the future for the present (20:6). Further, the lunar sigma in uncial script could have been overlooked by some scribes, resulting in the present tense. All things considered, there is a slight preference for the future.

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