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Revelation 2:6


But you do have this going for you: 1  You hate what the Nicolaitans 2  practice 3  – practices I also hate.


2Ch 19:2; Ps 26:5; Ps 101:3; Ps 139:21,22; 2Jo 1:9,10; Re 2:14,15

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tn Grk “But you do have this.” The words “going for you” are supplied to complete the English idiom; other phrases like “in your favor” (NIV) or “to your credit” (NRSV) could also be supplied.

sn The Nicolaitans were a sect (sometimes associated with Nicolaus, one of the seven original deacons in the church in Jerusalem according to Acts 6:5) that apparently taught that Christians could engage in immoral behavior with impunity.

tn The expression τὰ ἔργα τῶν Νικολαϊτῶν (ta erga twn Nikolaitwn) has been translated as a subjective genitive.

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