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Revelation 18:10


They will stand a long way off because they are afraid of her torment, and will say, “Woe, woe, O great city, Babylon the powerful city! For in a single hour your doom 1  has come!”


Nu 16:34; Isa 21:9; Jer 30:7; Jer 51:8,9; Joe 1:15; Am 5:16; Re 14:8; Re 18:8,17,19; Re 18:16,19

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tn Or “judgment,” condemnation,” “punishment.” BDAG 569 s.v. κρίσις 1.a.β states, “The word oft. means judgment that goes against a person, condemnation, and the sentence that follows…ἡ κ. σου your judgment Rv 18:10.”

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