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Psalms 93:4


Above the sound of the surging water, 1  and the mighty waves of the sea, the Lord sits enthroned in majesty. 2 


Job 38:11; Ps 65:7; Ps 89:6,9; Ps 114:3-5; Jer 5:22; Mr 4:37-39

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tn Heb “mighty waters.”

sn The surging waters here symbolizes the hostile enemies of God who seek to destroy the order he has established in the world (see Pss 18:17; 29:3; 32:6; 77:20; 144:7; Isa 17:13; Jer 51:55; Ezek 26:19; Hab 3:15). But the Lord is depicted as elevated above and sovereign over these raging waters.

tn Heb “mighty on high [is] the Lord.”

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