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Psalms 90:12


So teach us to consider our mortality, 1  so that we might live wisely. 2 


De 32:29; Job 28:28; Ps 39:4; Pr 2:2-6; Pr 3:13-18; Pr 4:5,7; Pr 7:1-4; Pr 8:32-36; Pr 16:16; Pr 18:1,2; Pr 22:17; Pr 23:12,23; Ec 9:10; Lu 12:35-40; Joh 9:4; Eph 5:16,17

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tn Heb “to number our days,” that is, to be aware of how few they really are.

tn Heb “and we will bring a heart of wisdom.” After the imperative of the preceding line, the prefixed verbal form with the conjunction indicates purpose/result. The Hebrew term “heart” here refers to the center of one’s thoughts, volition, and moral character.

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