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Psalms 9:10


Your loyal followers trust in you, 1  for you, Lord, do not abandon those who seek your help. 2 


Ex 34:5-7; 1Ch 28:9; Ps 5:11; Ps 57:1; Ps 91:14; Ps 105:3,4; Ps 146:5,6; Pr 18:10; Isa 26:3,4; Isa 45:19; Isa 46:3,4; Isa 55:6,7; Jer 29:13; Joh 17:3; 2Co 1:9,10; 2Co 4:6; 2Ti 1:12; 1Jo 2:3; 1Jo 5:20

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tn Heb “and the ones who know your name trust in you.” The construction vav (ו) conjunctive + imperfect at the beginning of the verse expresses another consequence of the statement made in v. 8. “To know” the Lord’s “name” means to be his follower, recognizing his authority and maintaining loyalty to him. See Ps 91:14, where “knowing” the Lord’s “name” is associated with loving him.

tn Heb “the ones who seek you.”

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