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Psalms 86:17


Show me evidence of your favor! 1  Then those who hate me will see it and be ashamed, 2  for you, O Lord, will help me and comfort me. 3 


Ps 40:1; Ps 41:10,11; Ps 71:9-13; Ps 71:20,21; Ps 74:9; Ps 109:29; Isa 38:22; Mic 7:8-10; 1Co 5:5

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tn Heb “Work with me a sign for good.” The expression “work a sign” also occurs in Judg 6:17.

tn After the imperative in the preceding line (“work”), the prefixed verb forms with prefixed vav (ו) conjunctive indicate purpose or result.

tn The perfect verbal forms are understood here as dramatic/rhetorical, expressing the psalmist’s certitude that such a sign from the Lord will be followed by his intervention. Another option is to understand the forms as future perfects (“for you, O Lord, will have helped me and comforted me”).

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