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Psalms 85:3


You withdrew all your fury; you turned back from your raging anger. 1 


Ex 32:11,22; De 13:17; Isa 6:7; Isa 12:1; Isa 54:7-10; Joh 1:29

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tn Heb “the rage of your anger.” The phrase “rage of your anger” employs an appositional genitive. Synonyms are joined in a construct relationship to emphasize the single idea. For a detailed discussion of the grammatical point with numerous examples, see Y. Avishur, “Pairs of Synonymous Words in the Construct State (and in Appositional Hendiadys) in Biblical Hebrew,” Semitics 2 (1971): 17-81. See Pss 69:24; 78:49.

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