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Psalms 85:10


Loyal love and faithfulness meet; 1  deliverance and peace greet each other with a kiss. 2 


Ex 34:6,7; Ps 72:3; Ps 89:14; Ps 100:5; Isa 32:16-18; Isa 45:24; Jer 23:5,6; Mic 7:20; Lu 1:54,55; Lu 2:14; Joh 1:17; Ro 3:25,26; Ro 5:1,21; Heb 7:2

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tn The psalmist probably uses the perfect verbal forms in v. 10 in a dramatic or rhetorical manner, describing what he anticipates as if it were already occurring or had already occurred.

sn Deliverance and peace greet each other with a kiss. The psalmist personifies these abstract qualities to emphasize that God’s loyal love and faithfulness will yield deliverance and peace for his people.

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