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Psalms 83:18


Then they will know 1  that you alone are the Lord, 2  the sovereign king 3  over all the earth.


Ge 22:14; Ex 6:3; 1Ki 18:37; 2Ki 19:19; Ps 9:16; Ps 59:13; Ps 92:8; Isa 5:16; Isa 42:8; Isa 54:5; Jer 16:21; Eze 30:19; Eze 38:23; Da 4:25,32; Mic 4:13; Zec 4:14

NET © Notes

tn After the preceding jussives (v. 17), the prefixed verbal form with prefixed vav (ו) indicates purpose (“so that they may know”) or result.

tn Heb “that you, your name [is] the Lord, you alone.”

tn Traditionally “the Most High.”

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