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Psalms 81:5


He decreed it as a regulation in Joseph, when he attacked the land of Egypt. 1  I heard a voice I did not recognize. 2 


Ex 12:12,27,29; Ex 13:8,9,14-16; De 4:45; De 28:49; Ps 77:15; Ps 78:6; Ps 80:1,2; Ps 114:1; Isa 28:11; Jer 5:15; Eze 20:20; Am 6:6; 1Co 14:21,22

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tn Heb “in his going out against the land of Egypt.” This apparently refers to the general time period of Israel’s exodus from Egypt. The LXX reads, “from Egypt,” in which case “Joseph” (see the preceding line) would be the subject of the verb, “when he [Joseph = Israel] left Egypt.”

tn Heb “a lip I did not know, I heard.” Here the term “lip” probably stands for speech or a voice. Apparently the psalmist speaks here and refers to God’s voice, whose speech is recorded in the following verses.

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