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Psalms 79:8


Do not hold us accountable for the sins of earlier generations! 1  Quickly send your compassion our way, 2  for we are in serious trouble! 3 


Ge 15:16; Ex 32:34; De 28:43; 1Ki 17:18; Ps 21:3; Ps 25:7; Ps 69:16,17; Ps 106:43; Ps 116:6; Ps 130:3; Ps 142:6; Isa 64:9; Eze 2:3; Da 9:16; Ho 8:13; Ho 9:9; Mt 23:32-36; Re 18:5

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tn Heb “do not remember against us sins, former.” Some understand “former” as an attributive adjective modifying sins, “former [i.e., chronologically prior] sins” (see BDB 911 s.v. רִאשׁוֹן). The present translation assumes that ראשׁנים (“former”) here refers to those who lived formerly, that is, the people’s ancestors (see Lam 5:7). The word is used in this way in Lev 26:45; Deut 19:14 and Eccl 1:11.

tn Heb “may your compassion quickly confront us.” The prefixed verbal form is understood as a jussive, indicating a tone of prayer.

tn Heb “for we are very low.”

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