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Psalms 78:61


He allowed the symbol of his strong presence to be captured; 1  he gave the symbol of his splendor 2  into the hand of the enemy. 3 


Ex 40:34; Jud 18:30; 1Sa 4:21,22; 1Sa 5:1,2; 2Ch 6:41; Ps 24:7; Ps 132:8

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tn Heb “and he gave to captivity his strength.” The expression “his strength” refers metonymically to the ark of the covenant, which was housed in the tabernacle at Shiloh.

tn Heb “and his splendor into the hand of an enemy.” The expression “his splendor” also refers metonymically to the ark of the covenant.

sn Verses 60-61 refer to the Philistines’ capture of the ark in the days of Eli (1 Sam 4:1-11).

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