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Psalms 76:12


He humbles princes; 1  the kings of the earth regard him as awesome. 2 


Jos 5:1; 2Ch 32:21; Ps 2:5,10; Ps 48:4-6; Ps 68:12,35; Isa 13:6-8; Isa 24:21; Zep 3:6; Re 6:15; Re 19:17-21

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tn Heb “he reduces the spirit of princes.” According to HALOT 148 s.v. II בצר, the Hebrew verb בָּצַר (batsar) is here a hapax legomenon meaning “reduce, humble.” The statement is generalizing, with the imperfect tense highlighting God’s typical behavior.

tn Heb “[he is] awesome to the kings of the earth.”

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