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Psalms 7:12


If a person 1  does not repent, God sharpens his sword 2  and prepares to shoot his bow. 3 


De 32:41; Ps 85:4; Isa 27:1; Isa 34:5; Isa 55:6,7; Jer 31:18,19; Eze 18:30; Eze 21:9-11,23; Eze 33:11; Mt 3:10; Ac 3:19

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tn Heb “If he”; the referent (a person who is a sinner) has been specified in the translation for clarity. The subject of the first verb is understood as the sinner who fails to repent of his ways and becomes the target of God’s judgment (vv. 9, 14-16).

tn Heb “if he does not return, his sword he sharpens.” The referent (God) of the pronominal subject of the second verb (“sharpens”) has been specified in the translation for clarity.

tn Heb “his bow he treads and prepares it.” “Treading the bow” involved stepping on one end of it in order to string it and thus prepare it for battle.

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