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Psalms 69:3


I am exhausted from shouting for help; my throat is sore; 1  my eyes grow tired of looking for my God. 2 


De 28:32; Job 11:20; Job 16:16; Ps 6:6; Ps 13:1-3; Ps 22:2; Ps 22:15; Ps 25:21; Ps 39:7; Ps 69:21; Ps 119:82,123; Isa 38:14; La 2:11; Joh 19:28; Heb 5:7

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tn Or perhaps “raw”; Heb “burned; enflamed.”

tn Heb “my eyes fail from waiting for my God.” The psalmist has intently kept his eyes open, looking for God to intervene, but now his eyes are watery and bloodshot, impairing his vision.

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