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Psalms 69:26


For they harass 1  the one whom you discipline; 2  they spread the news about the suffering of those whom you punish. 3 


2Ch 28:9; Job 19:21,22; Ps 109:16; Isa 53:4,10; Zec 1:15; Zec 13:7; Mr 15:28-32; 1Th 2:15

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tn Or “persecute”; Heb “chase.”

tn Heb “for you, the one whom you strike, they chase.”

tn Heb “they announce the pain of your wounded ones” (i.e., “the ones whom you wounded,” as the parallel line makes clear).

sn The psalmist is innocent of the false charges made by his enemies (v. 4), but he is also aware of his sinfulness (v. 5) and admits that he experiences divine discipline (v. 26) despite his devotion to God (v. 9). Here he laments that his enemies take advantage of such divine discipline by harassing and slandering him. They “kick him while he’s down,” as the expression goes.

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