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Psalms 66:6


He turned the sea into dry land; 1  they passed through the river on foot. 2  Let us rejoice in him there! 3 


Ex 14:21,22; Ex 15:1-21; Jos 3:14,16; Ps 78:13; Ps 104:5-7; Ps 106:8-10; Ps 106:11,12; Ps 136:13,14; Isa 63:13,14; Re 15:2,3

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sn He turned the sea into dry land. The psalmist alludes to Israel’s crossing the Red Sea (Exod 14:21).

tn Because of the reference to “the river,” some understand this as an allusion to Israel’s crossing the Jordan River. However, the Hebrew term נָהָר (nahad) does not always refer to a “river” in the technical sense; it can be used of sea currents (see Jonah 2:4). So this line may also refer to the Red Sea crossing (cf. NEB).

tn The adverb שָׁם (sham, “there”) is used here, as often in poetic texts, to point “to a spot in which a scene is localized vividly in the imagination” (BDB 1027 s.v.).

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