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Psalms 63:11


But the king 1  will rejoice in God; everyone who takes oaths in his name 2  will boast, for the mouths of those who speak lies will be shut up. 3 


De 6:13; 1Sa 23:17; 1Sa 24:20; Ps 2:6; Ps 21:1; Ps 31:18; Isa 19:18; Isa 45:23; Isa 65:16; Zep 1:5; Ro 3:19; Tit 1:10,11; Heb 6:13

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sn The psalmist probably refers to himself in the third person here.

tn Heb “who swears [an oath] by him.”

tn The Niphal of this verb occurs only here and in Gen 8:2, where it is used of God “stopping” or “damming up” the great deep as he brought the flood to an end.

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