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Psalms 63:10


Each one will be handed over to the sword; 1  their corpses will be eaten by jackals. 2 


1Sa 26:10; 1Sa 31:1-6; So 2:15; Jer 18:21; Eze 35:5; Eze 39:4,17-20; Re 19:17,18

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tn Heb “they will deliver him over to the sword.” The third masculine plural subject must be indefinite (see GKC 460 §144.f) and the singular pronominal suffix either representative or distributive (emphasizing that each one will be so treated). Active verbs with indefinite subjects may be translated as passives with the object (in the Hebrew text) as subject (in the translation).

tn Heb “they will be [the] portion of jackals”; traditionally, “of foxes.”

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