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Psalms 62:5


Patiently wait for God alone, my soul! 1  For he is the one who gives me confidence. 2 


Ps 27:13,14; Ps 37:34; Ps 39:7; Ps 42:5,11; Ps 43:5; Ps 62:1,2; Ps 71:5; Ps 103:1,2; Ps 104:1,35; Ps 146:1; Jer 17:17; La 3:24-26; Mic 7:7; Hab 2:3; Zep 3:8; Joh 6:67-69; Php 1:20

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tn Heb “only for God be silent, my soul.” The wording is similar to that of v. 1a. Here an imperatival form, דּוֹמִּי (dommiy, “be silent”), appears instead of the noun דּוּמִיָּה (dumiyyah, “silence”). The psalmist is encouraging himself to maintain his trust in God.

tn Heb “for from him [is] my hope.”

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