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Psalms 62:11


God has declared one principle; two principles I have heard: 1  God is strong, 2 


Job 33:14; Job 40:5; Ps 68:34,35; Isa 26:4; Mt 6:13; Mt 28:18; Joh 19:11; Re 19:1

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tn Heb “one God spoke, two which I heard.” This is a numerical saying utilizing the “x” followed by “x + 1” pattern to facilitate poetic parallelism. (See W. M. W. Roth, Numerical Sayings in the Old Testament [VTSup], 55-56.) As is typical in such sayings, a list corresponding to the second number (in this case “two”) follows. Another option is to translate, “God has spoken once, twice [he has spoken] that which I have heard.” The terms אַחַת (’akhat, “one; once”) and שְׁתַּיִם (shÿtayim, “two; twice”) are also juxtaposed in 2 Kgs 6:10 (where they refer to an action that was done more than “once or twice”) and in Job 33:14 (where they refer to God speaking “one way” and then in “another manner”).

tn Heb “that strength [belongs] to God.”

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