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Psalms 55:9


Confuse them, 1  O Lord! Frustrate their plans! 2  For I see violence and conflict in the city.


Ge 11:7-9; 2Sa 15:31; 2Sa 17:1-14; Jer 6:7; Jer 23:14; Mt 23:37,38; Joh 7:45-53; Ac 23:6-10

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tn Traditionally בַּלַּע (bala’) has been taken to mean “swallow” in the sense of “devour” or “destroy” (cf. KJV), but this may be a homonym meaning “confuse” (see BDB 118 s.v. בַּלַּע; HALOT 135 s.v. III *בֶּלַע). “Their tongue” is the understood object of the verb (see the next line).

tn Heb “split their tongue,” which apparently means “confuse their speech,” or, more paraphrastically, “frustrate the plans they devise with their tongues.”

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