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Psalms 54:1


For the music director, to be accompanied by stringed instruments; a well-written song 2  by David. It was written when the Ziphites came and informed Saul: “David is hiding with us.” 3  O God, deliver me by your name! 4  Vindicate me 5  by your power!


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sn Psalm 54. The psalmist asks God for protection against his enemies, confidently affirms that God will vindicate him, and promises to give thanks to God for his saving intervention.

tn The meaning of the Hebrew term מַשְׂכִּיל (maskil) is uncertain. See the note on the phrase “well-written song” in the superscription of Ps 52.

tn Heb “Is not David hiding with us?”

sn According to the superscription, David wrote this psalm during the period when Saul was seeking his life. On one occasion the Ziphites informed Saul that David was hiding in their territory (see 1 Sam 23:19-20).

tn God’s “name” refers here to his reputation and revealed character, which would instill fear in the psalmist’s enemies (see C. A. Briggs and E. G. Briggs, Psalms [ICC], 2:17).

tn The imperfect verbal form is used here to express the psalmist’s wish or request.

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