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Psalms 53:2


God looks down from heaven 1  at the human race, 2  to see if there is anyone who is wise 3  and seeks God. 4 


De 4:6; 1Ch 28:9; 2Ch 15:2; 2Ch 19:3; Job 28:28; Ps 10:4; Ps 11:4; Ps 27:8; Ps 33:13,14; Ps 102:19; Ps 111:10; Isa 55:6; Jer 16:17; Jer 23:24

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sn The picture of the Lord looking down from heaven draws attention to his sovereignty over the world.

tn Heb “upon the sons of man.”

tn Or “acts wisely.” The Hiphil is exhibitive.

tn That is, who seeks to have a relationship with God by obeying and worshiping him.

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