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Psalms 50:15


Pray to me when you are in trouble! 1  I will deliver you, and you will honor me!” 2 


2Ch 33:12,13; Job 22:27; Ps 22:23; Ps 34:3,4; Ps 50:23; Ps 66:13-20; Ps 77:2; Ps 91:15; Ps 107:6-13,19,28; Zec 13:9; Mt 5:16; Lu 17:15-18; Lu 22:44; Joh 15:8; Ac 16:25; Jas 5:13; 1Pe 4:11,14

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tn Heb “call [to] me in a day of trouble.”

sn In vv. 7-15 the Lord makes it clear that he was not rebuking Israel because they had failed to offer sacrifices (v. 8a). On the contrary, they had been faithful in doing so (v. 8b). However, their understanding of the essence of their relationship with God was confused. Apparently they believed that he needed/desired such sacrifices and that offering them would ensure their prosperity. But the Lord owns all the animals of the world and did not need Israel’s meager sacrifices (vv. 9-13). Other aspects of the relationship were more important to the Lord. He desired Israel to be thankful for his blessings (v. 14a), to demonstrate gratitude for his intervention by repaying the vows they made to him (v. 14b), and to acknowledge their absolute dependence on him (v. 15a). Rather than viewing their sacrifices as somehow essential to God’s well-being, they needed to understand their dependence on him.

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