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Psalms 5:6


You destroy 1  liars; 2  the Lord despises 3  violent and deceitful people. 4 


Ge 34:14,25,26; 2Sa 16:8; 2Sa 20:1; Ps 4:2; Ps 26:8-10; Ps 43:1; Ps 55:23; Isa 26:21; Ro 1:29; Re 21:8; Re 22:15

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tn The imperfect verbal form indicates God’s typical response to such individuals. Another option is to translate the verb as future (“You will destroy”); the psalmist may be envisioning a time of judgment when God will remove the wicked from the scene.

tn Heb “those who speak a lie.” In the OT a “lie” does not refer in a general philosophical sense to any statement that fails to correspond to reality. Instead it refers more specifically to a slanderous and/or deceitful statement that promotes one’s own selfish, sinful interests and/or exploits or harms those who are innocent. Note the emphasis on violence and deceit in the following line.

tn The imperfect verbal form highlights the Lord’s characteristic attitude toward such individuals.

tn Heb “a man of bloodshed and deceit.” The singular אִישׁ (’ish, “man”) is used here in a collective or representative sense; thus the translation “people” is appropriate here. Note the plural forms in vv. 5-6a.

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