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Psalms 45:14


In embroidered robes she is escorted to the king. Her attendants, the maidens of honor who follow her, are led before you. 1 


Ex 28:39; Jud 5:30; So 1:3,5; So 1:4; So 2:7; So 5:8,9; So 6:1,8,13; So 8:13; Joh 17:24; 2Co 11:2; Re 14:1-4

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tn Heb “virgins after her, her companions, are led to you.” Some emend לָךְ (lakh, “to you”) to לָהּ (lah, “to her,” i.e., the princess), because the princess is now being spoken of in the third person (vv. 13-14a), rather than being addressed directly (as in vv. 10-12). However, the ambiguous suffixed form לָךְ need not be taken as second feminine singular. The suffix can be understood as a pausal second masculine singular form, addressed to the king. The translation assumes this to be the case; note that the king is addressed once more in vv. 16-17, where the second person pronouns are masculine.

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