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Psalms 44:22


Yet because of you 1  we are killed all day long; we are treated like 2  sheep at the slaughtering block. 3 


1Sa 22:17-19; 1Ki 19:10; Ps 44:11; Ps 79:2,3; Mt 5:10-12; Joh 15:21; Joh 16:2,3; Ro 8:36; 1Co 4:9; 1Co 15:30,31; Re 11:3-9; Re 17:6

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tn The statement “because of you” (1) may simply indicate that God is the cause of the Israelites’ defeat (see vv. 9-14, where the nation’s situation is attributed directly to God’s activity, and cf. NEB, NRSV), or (2) it may suggest they suffer because of their allegiance to God (see Ps 69:7 and Jer 15:15). In this case one should translate, “for your sake” (cf. NASB, NIV). The citation of this verse in Rom 8:36 follows the LXX (Ps 43:23 LXX), where the Greek term ἕνεκεν (Jeneken; LXX ἕνεκα) may likewise mean “because of” or “for the sake of” (BDAG 334 s.v. ἕνεκα 1).

tn Or “regarded as.”

tn Heb “like sheep of slaughtering,” that is, sheep destined for slaughter.

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