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Psalms 40:17


I am oppressed and needy! 1  May the Lord pay attention to me! 2  You are my helper and my deliverer! O my God, do not delay!


Ps 34:6; Ps 40:5; Ps 54:4; Ps 69:33; Ps 70:5; Ps 143:7,8; Isa 41:17; Isa 50:7-9; Mt 8:20; 2Co 8:9; Heb 13:6; Jas 2:5; 1Pe 2:23; 1Pe 5:7; Re 22:20

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sn See Pss 35:10; 37:14.

tn The prefixed verbal form may be taken as a jussive of prayer (as in the present translation; cf. NIV) or as an imperfect, “The Lord will pay attention to me” (cf. NRSV). The parallel in Ps 70:5 has, “O God, hurry to me!” For this reason some prefer to emend יַחֲשָׁב (yakhashav, “may he pay attention”) to חוּשָׁה (khushah, “hurry!”). The syntax of the Hebrew text is awkward; elsewhere when the Qal of חָשַׁב (khashav, “reckon; consider”) is collocated with the preposition -ל (lamed) and a pronominal suffix there is an accompanying direct object or additional prepositional phrase/adverbial accusative (see Gen 15:6; 2 Sam 19:19; Job 13:24; 19:11; 33:10; Pss 32:2; 41:7; Amos 6:5).

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