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Psalms 37:9


Wicked men 1  will be wiped out, 2  but those who rely on the Lord are the ones who will possess the land. 3 


Job 20:23-29; Job 27:13,14-23; Ps 25:13; Ps 37:11,12,29; Ps 37:35,36; Ps 55:23; Isa 58:14; Isa 60:21; Heb 11:16; Re 5:10

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tn Heb “for evil men.” The conjunction כִּי (ki, “for”) relates to the exhortations in v. 8; there is no reason to be frustrated, for the evildoers will be punished in due time.

tn Or “cut off, removed.”

tn Heb “and those who wait on the Lord, they will possess the land.”

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