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Psalms 37:7


Wait patiently for the Lord! 1  Wait confidently 2  for him! Do not fret over the apparent success of a sinner, 3  a man who carries out wicked schemes!


Jos 10:12; Job 21:7-34; Ps 27:14; Ps 40:1; Ps 50:8; Ps 62:1; Ps 73:3-14; Pr 20:22; Ec 5:8; Isa 8:17; Isa 10:13,14; Isa 30:15; Jer 12:1; La 3:25,26; Da 11:36; Jon 1:11; Hab 2:3; Ga 6:9; Heb 10:36,37; Jas 5:7-11; Re 13:3-10

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tn Heb “Be quiet before the Lord!”

tc The Hebrew text has וְהִתְחוֹלֵל (vÿhitkholel, Hitpolel of חִיל, khil, “writhe with fear, suffer”) but this idea fits awkwardly here. The text should be changed to וְתוֹחֵל (vÿtokhel; Hiphil of יָחַל, yakhal, “wait”). It appears that the Hebrew text is the product of dittography: (1) the initial וה (vav-he) is accidentally repeated from the preceding word (יְהוָה, yÿhvah) and (2) the final lamed (ל) is accidentally repeated (note the preceding lamed and the initial lamed on the following form, לו).

tn Heb “over one who causes his way to be successful.”

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