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Psalms 36:2


for he is too proud to recognize and give up his sin. 1 


De 29:19; 1Sa 15:18-24; 1Ch 10:13,14; Ps 10:3; Ps 49:18; Jer 2:23,34,35; Jer 17:9; Ho 12:7,8; Lu 10:29; Lu 16:14,15; Ro 3:9; Ro 7:9; Ro 10:3

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tn Heb “for it causes to be smooth to him in his eyes to find his sin to hate.” The meaning of the Hebrew text is unclear. Perhaps the point is this: His rebellious attitude makes him reject any notion that God will hold him accountable. His attitude also prevents him from recognizing and repudiating his sinful ways.

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