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Psalms 24:2


For he set its foundation upon the seas, and established 1  it upon the ocean currents. 2 


Ge 1:9,10; Ge 8:22; Job 38:4; Job 38:8-11; Ps 33:6; Ps 93:1; Ps 95:4; Ps 96:10; Ps 104:5,6; Ps 136:6; Jer 5:22; Jer 10:11-16; 2Pe 3:5-7

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tn The prefixed verbal form is understood as a preterite, referring to the creation of the world.

sn He…established it upon the ocean currents. The description reflects ancient Israelite prescientific cosmology, which is based on outward appearances. The language also suggests that God’s creative work involved the subjugation of chaos, symbolized by the sea.

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