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Psalms 20:5


Then we will shout for joy over your 1  victory; we will rejoice 2  in the name of our God! May the Lord grant all your requests!


Ex 17:15; Nu 10:35,36; 1Sa 17:45; Ps 13:5; Ps 19:4; Ps 21:1; Ps 35:9; Ps 60:4; Ps 118:15; Isa 11:10; Isa 12:1-3; Isa 25:9; Isa 61:10; Mic 4:5; Hab 3:18; Lu 1:47

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sn Your victory. Here the king is addressed (see v. 1).

tc The Hebrew verb דָּגַל (dagal) occurs only here in the Qal. If accepted as original, it may carry the nuance “raise a banner,” but it is preferable to emend the form to נגיל (“we will rejoice”) which provides better parallelism with “shout for joy” and fits well with the prepositional phrase “in the name of our God” (see Ps 89:16).

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