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Psalms 19:12


Who can know all his errors? 1  Please do not punish me for sins I am unaware of. 2 


Le 4:2-35; Job 6:24; Ps 40:12; Ps 51:5-10; Ps 65:3; Ps 90:8; Ps 139:2,23,24; Isa 64:6; Jer 17:9; 1Co 4:4; Heb 9:7; 1Jo 1:7

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tn Heb “Errors who can discern?” This rhetorical question makes the point that perfect moral discernment is impossible to achieve. Consequently it is inevitable that even those with good intentions will sin on occasion.

tn Heb “declare me innocent from hidden [things],” i.e., sins. In this context (see the preceding line) “hidden” sins are not sins committed in secret, but sins which are not recognized as such by the psalmist.

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