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Psalms 16:7


I will praise 1  the Lord who 2  guides 3  me; yes, during the night I reflect and learn. 4 


Ps 17:3; Ps 22:2; Ps 42:8; Ps 63:6; Ps 73:21; Ps 73:24; Ps 77:2,6; Ps 119:7; Ps 119:55,148; Pr 8:14; Isa 11:2-4; Isa 26:9; Isa 48:17; Isa 50:4; Jer 12:2; Jer 17:10; Lu 6:12; Re 2:23

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tn Heb “bless,” that is, “proclaim as worthy of praise.”

tn Or “because.”

tn Or “counsels, advises.”

tn Heb “yes, [during] nights my kidneys instruct [or “correct”] me.” The “kidneys” are viewed here as the seat of the psalmist’s moral character (see Ps 26:2). In the quiet darkness the Lord speaks to his inner being, as it were, and enables him to grow in moral understanding.

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