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Psalms 148:14


He has made his people victorious, 1  and given all his loyal followers reason to praise – the Israelites, the people who are close to him. 2  Praise the Lord!


Ex 19:5,6; De 4:7; 1Sa 2:1; Ps 75:10; Ps 89:17; Ps 92:10; Ps 112:9; Ps 145:10; Ps 149:9; Lu 1:52; Lu 2:32; Eph 2:13,17,19; 1Pe 2:9; Re 5:8-14

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tn Heb “and he lifted up a horn for his people.” The horn of an ox underlies the metaphor (see Deut 33:17; 1 Kgs 22:11; Ps 92:10). The horn of the wild ox is frequently a metaphor for military strength; the idiom “exalt/lift up the horn” signifies military victory (see 1 Sam 2:10; Pss 75:10; 89:17, 24; 92:10; Lam 2:17). Another option is to take the “horn” as a symbol for the Davidic king, through whom the Lord gives his people military victory.

tn “[there is] praise for all his loyal followers, to the sons of Israel, the people near him.” Here “praise” stands by metonymy for the victory that prompts it.

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