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Psalms 144:14


Our cattle will be weighted down with produce. 1  No one will break through our walls, no one will be taken captive, and there will be no terrified cries in our city squares. 2 


De 28:7,25; Jud 5:8; Jud 6:3,6; 1Sa 13:17-23; 1Sa 31:7; Jer 13:17-19; Jer 14:18; La 1:4-6; Zec 8:3-5

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tn Heb “weighted down.” This probably refers (1) to the cattle having the produce from the harvest placed on their backs to be transported to the storehouses (see BDB 687 s.v. סָבַל). Other options are (2) to take this as reference to the cattle being pregnant (see HALOT 741 s.v. סבל pu) or (3) to their being well-fed or fattened (see L. C. Allen, Psalms 101-150 [WBC], 288).

tn Heb “there [will be] no breach, and there [will be] no going out, and there [will be] no crying out in our broad places.”

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