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Psalms 144:13


Our storehouses 1  will be full, providing all kinds of food. 2  Our sheep will multiply by the thousands and fill 3  our pastures. 4 


Ge 30:29-31; Le 26:5,10; De 7:13,14; De 8:3; De 28:4; De 28:8; Ps 107:37,38; Mal 3:10; Lu 12:16-20

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tn The Hebrew noun occurs only here.

tn Heb “from kind to kind.” Some prefer to emend the text to מָזוֹן עַל מָזוֹן (mazonal mazon, “food upon food”).

tn Heb “they are innumerable.”

tn Heb “in outside places.” Here the term refers to pastures and fields (see Job 5:10; Prov 8:26).

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