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Psalms 143:3


Certainly 1  my enemies 2  chase me. They smash me into the ground. 3  They force me to live 4  in dark regions, 5  like those who have been dead for ages.


2Sa 2:22; 2Sa 18:11; Ps 7:1,2; Ps 7:5; Ps 17:9-13; Ps 31:12,13; Ps 35:4; Ps 54:3; Ps 88:4-6; Ps 142:6; Eze 37:11

NET © Notes

tn Or “for.”

tn Heb “an enemy.” The singular is used in a representative sense to describe a typical member of the larger group of enemies (note the plural “enemies” in vv. 9, 12).

tn Heb “he crushes on the ground my life.”

tn Or “sit.”

sn Dark regions refers to Sheol, which the psalmist views as a dark place located deep in the ground (see Ps 88:6).

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