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Psalms 13:3


Look at me! 1  Answer me, O Lord my God! Revive me, 2  or else I will die! 3 


1Sa 14:27,29; Ezr 9:8; Ps 9:13; Ps 18:28; Ps 25:19; Ps 31:7; Ps 119:153; Jer 51:39,57; La 5:1; Lu 2:32; Eph 5:14; Re 21:23

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tn Heb “see.”

tn Heb “Give light [to] my eyes.” The Hiphil of אוּר (’ur), when used elsewhere with “eyes” as object, refers to the law of God giving moral enlightenment (Ps 19:8), to God the creator giving literal eyesight to all people (Prov 29:13), and to God giving encouragement to his people (Ezra 9:8). Here the psalmist pictures himself as being on the verge of death. His eyes are falling shut and, if God does not intervene soon, he will “fall asleep” for good.

tn Heb “or else I will sleep [in?] the death.” Perhaps the statement is elliptical, “I will sleep [the sleep] of death,” or “I will sleep [with the sleepers in] death.”

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