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Psalms 125:5


As for those who are bent on traveling a sinful path, 1  may the Lord remove them, 2  along with those who behave wickedly! 3  May Israel experience peace! 4 


1Ch 10:13,14; Ps 40:4; Ps 101:3; Ps 128:6; Pr 2:15; Pr 14:14; Isa 54:10,13; Isa 59:8; Jer 2:19; Eze 37:26; Ho 2:18; Zep 1:6; Mt 7:23; Mt 24:48-51; Joh 14:27; Ga 6:16; Php 2:15; Heb 10:38; 1Pe 1:2

NET © Notes

tn Heb “and the ones making their paths twisted.” A sinful lifestyle is compared to a twisting, winding road.

tn Heb “lead them away.” The prefixed verbal form is understood as a jussive of prayer here (note the prayers directly before and after this). Another option is to translate, “the Lord will remove them” (cf. NIV, NRSV).

tn Heb “the workers of wickedness.”

tn Heb “peace [be] upon Israel.” The statement is understood as a prayer (see Ps 122:8 for a similar prayer for peace).

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