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Psalms 116:1


I love the Lord because he heard my plea for mercy, 2 


Ge 35:2; 1Sa 1:26; Ps 18:1-6; Ps 18:6; Ps 31:22,23; Ps 34:3,4; Ps 40:1; Ps 66:19,20; Ps 69:33; Ps 119:132; Mr 12:33; Joh 16:24; Joh 21:17; 1Jo 4:19; 1Jo 5:2,3

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sn Psalm 116. The psalmist thanks the Lord for delivering him from a life threatening crisis and promises to tell the entire covenant community what God has done for him.

tn Heb “I love because the Lord heard my voice, my pleas.” It is possible that “the Lord” originally appeared directly after “I love” and was later accidentally misplaced. The translation assumes the prefixed verbal form is a preterite. The psalmist recalls that God heard his cry for help (note the perfect in v. 2a and the narrative in vv. 3-4).

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